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About Hagerty

Hagerty Insurance Agency started out as a general lines insurance agency around 40 years ago. While insurance was their business, wooden boats and collector cars were their passion. The company saw a need for specialty insurance and in 1983 launched a revolutionary Guaranteed Value policy for classic boat owners. It was such a success that in 1991, Hagerty introduced specialty insurance for collector car owners. Today, they're the world's leading provider of collector car and boat insurance.


As collectors, Hagerty knows firsthand what car and boat enthusiasts want in an insurance company and what they need to protect their investment. That's why Hagerty provides some very desirable benefits, including low premiums, Agreed Value coverage, relaxed restrictions on how collector cars and boats can be used, in-house claims, 24/7 flatbed towing and roadside assistance.

  1. Low premiums – Hagerty provides coverage geared specifically to the car collector at rates considerably lower than standard policy premiums.
  2. Guaranteed Value Coverage — Hagerty offers a "Guaranteed Value" determined between you and the company when you insure your vehicle. If you suffer a covered total loss, you get the full value of your policy.
  3. Repair shop of choice — When a claim requires repairs, you can take your vehicle to any shop you want—anywhere. Or if you choose, Hagerty will pay you to make the repairs yourself
  4. In-house claims specialists — Hagerty’s collector car claims specialists are on-staff to help you in the fastest most efficient way possible.
  5. Hagerty Plus — Policyholders can join Hagerty Plus, a membership program including emergency roadside assistance, free subscription to Hagerty magazine, “Ask Hagerty” Concierge Service, legislative advocacy and participation in the Collectors Foundation.
  6. Additional Coverage – Hagerty understands that the investment you’ve made in time, money and maintenance of your vehicle is only part of your commitment to collecting. So Hagerty offers customized coverage options for your spare parts, tools and automobilia.

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